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Diagram Torso Data

Pressure Garments for Legs with short zippers

Leg garments that have zippers that are shorter than the top height are placed on the feet in the same way as those with full length zippers. The patients foot, however, must be eased through the entire length of the support. Close the garments zippers in the same manner as described for full length zippers. When the zippers are fully closed, the rest of the support must be eased into place as a without zippers must be.

Hold the support together with one hand approximately 4 to 6 inches above the zipper “pull”. Close zipper. The elastic backing should be between skin and zipper. Continue up leg to top, always holding the fabric together with one hand while closing zipper with other. The area zipper is in will not stretch beyond it. Other areas may require adjusting in length by taking hold of fabric lower on leg and gently working it up to its proper height.