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Instruction Manuals Pressure Garments Therapy

The pressure garments From Technomed India Pvt. ltd. are specifically designed and made for you only, after obtaining your measurement. Your treatment is only possible by pressure therapy as advised by your consultant. So please do not try to alter these covers for comfort. You must not worry about the temporary discomfort due to tight fitting of your garment cover rather get used it, at the earliest, so that your skin may remain soft and even.

Wash your custom made garment daily. Use only light liquid detergents, do not rub or wring these covers, use only cold water for washing the garment. For drying keep the wet cover in a towel and when the excess water is removed dry it in shade. Hot water or heat may spoil the fabric and elasticity of the pressure garment.

In your treatment the Compression therapy is important and results can be good if you wear these Compression garments regularly. Some Patients don't like the tight fitting of these pressure covers but either they have to like the tight fit or they may have to like their uneven, irregular knotty scared, grotesque skin resulting in and contracture on neck, arm pits and in finger webs. They may require surgical procedures later. Hence why not to wear these in time and save botheration, time, money and discomfort again as you will have to wear these tight fitting covers again after surgical procedure.

The compression covers, "pressure-garments" should not be worn on open wounds or blister however small wounds can be covered with gauze or foam pad to avoid direct contact or rubbing.

In certain cases if some swelling develops on uncovered extremities e.g. on hand after wearing vest with sleeve garment, on feet after wearing ankle length covers please take oft the covers immediately and wear these back when you feel normal and there is no swelling. Your new delicate skin must adjust to this compression therapy. As you are advised to wear there covers day and night to have the best results please note that when there is no swelling after using these for whole day and then only you should wear these at night while sleeping. Increase wearing time everyday, fill you achieve maximum.

Garment Zippers are comfortable close to provided at wearing. For each various position on covers to facilitate closing these zippers, hold the two ends other and pull the zipper. slowly to close position. Do not haste or you may get hurt while wearing and removing, please pull the covers holding the seams, do not pull the fabric or you may spoil the fabric of the specially desined garment, take your time easy, while wearing or removing the pressure covers. Do not make haste or turn the cover to pull it off the body lest you may hurt the patient or zip may give a scratch or wound to healing skin.

These pressure covers must be worn continuously for at least twelve to eighteen months day and night or until the scars fade away and show evidence of maturation. For this reason it is advisable to order two covers at a time to permit wash and wear on continuous basis. Consult your consultant for this as he is your best guide and adviser.

Please be in touch with your consultant on regular (every two to three weeks) interval to obtain his advice for follow-up and re-ordering as and when required. Remember loose covers cannot be termed as "pressure-garment" and will not treat you effectively so wear only tightly fitted custom made pressure covers. In case you lose or gain weight, please re-order the covers with fresh measurements because too tight covers may interfere with your blood circulation and loose covers may not treat you. So consult your consultant immediately for his expert advice.

In some cases the garment may not give adequate pressure due to body Contour or uneven raised scar. For these area you may require proper padding or conformers made from soft padding materials or thermoplastic sheets. For this you may consult your consultant.

Before wearing these covers please remove excess oils, ointments and lotions from the body as oily substances spoil elasticity of the fabric and dirty covers may infect your skin under treatment.

Company is responsible for any manufacturing defects only, no responsibility is undertaken by the company if wrong measurement are provided. In case of any manufacturing defect please return the pressure cover to company within 15 (fifteen) days of delivery of your cover.

We recommend to change these pressure garments after every 10-12 weeks of wearing.

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